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Mobility for Jira App

Q: I’m receiving an error when trying to login or do not see any data. Am I using the correct URL?

A: Use the Jira base URL starting with http or https depending on your system setup.
Below are a few examples of correctly and incorrectly formatted URLs. An easy way to
determine the correct URL is to log into Jira using your web browser. Once you are
logged in check the address bar and remove the additional path information.

Valid Invalid


Q: I’m using the same URL that I type into my browser and still receive an error on login.

A: Your Jira system may redirect you to a different address on login. For example, may redirect you to An easy way to
determine the correct URL is to log into Jira using your web browser. Once you are
logged in check the address bar and remove the additional path information.


Q: I’m a Jira Cloud user and use my Google account to login. Why am I receiving an error?

A: Open your Cloud profile URL – When you first logged in to Cloud with Google Apps integration, you would have been prompted to create an ‘Atlassian Cloud’ password to use with services such as the API, authenticated RSS feeds, SVN and WebDAV (if applicable). It is this password that you need to use. You can change your Cloud password by clicking “Change Password”. If you’ve forgotten the password, you will need an administrator to reset it for you. They can use the “Set Password” option from Atlassian Cloud’s User Management section when viewing your profile. The username is without the domain name.


Q: I just created a new project, Agile board, or dashboard but I can’t see it on the selection list. How can I select the new item?

A: Project, Agile board, and dashboard lists are cached on the device to increase performance. You can pull down the list to refresh it manually.


Q: I want to add a regular Jira user as a watcher but can’t find the user in the list. How can I add the person?

A: On the user picker use the search function on top of the list. Start typing the name of the user and the full Jira user directory will be searched. This will show not only assignable users but look through the entire user base.


Q: What versions of iOS and Jira are supported?

A: Mobility for Jira works with iOS version 5 and above. The Jira version must be 5.1 or above. Version 4.x is not supported due to limited REST API support. The Mobility for Jira add-on is also available for Jira Datacenter.


Q: Is Jira Cloud supported?

A: Jira Cloud is supported but requires you to explicitly type in https instead of just http in the URL field of the Mobility for Jira login screen. This is also true for any other Jira system that uses SSL.


Q: I entered the wrong credentials more than once. What do I have to do?

A: If you enter your login and password wrong you will receive an error message. When you try again to login with the wrong credentials you may be locked out of Jira. You will see a message that you have exceeded the number of invalid login attempts. If this happens you will need to login to Jira with your web browser and answer the CAPTCHA.


Q: Where can I get an IPA/APK to wrap it with our MDM solution or to distribute it via our internal app store?

A: If you need an IPA/APK to wrap it for use with your Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution, you can download the most current version from here. This can also be used for distribution on your internal corporate app store. For iOS you will need to resign the IPA with your Enterprise certificate.
iOS: mobility-for-jira-team.ipa
Android: mobility-for-jira-team-3.8.apk

Mobility for Jira – Add-On

Q: What versions of Jira are supported?

A: Mobility for Jira requires at least Atlassian JIRA 5.1.


Q: How can I extend the Mobility for Jira trial?

A: You can go to your Atlassian account (, under Licenses find the Mobility for Jira add-on, expand it and select New Evaluation License. Then you can copy/paste the new key into the Administration/Add-On section in Jira. This is the quickest way and you should be able to do this up to 5 times. Should this not work, create a ticket at or send us an email.


Q: How do we install the add-on?

A: The “Mobility for Jira” app needs to be downloaded from the Atlassian Marketplace and installed by your Jira system administrator. Your Jira system administrator should verify that there is a “Mobility for Jira” menu entry under Administration/Add-On after installation. Install Mobility for Jira – Team on your iOS device. After logging in to visit the “Settings” tab and confirm that you would like to receive Push Notifications for Mobility for Jira – Team. On the same tab, register for the Jira events that you would like to receive. You should start receiving change events for issues that you reported, are assigned to, or are watching. Keep in mind, that you won’t receive any notification for issues that you are editing yourself.


Q: We do not receive any Push Notifications. Do we need to change some firewall settings?

A: Push Notifications are sent from your Jira server to the Apple APN Gateway to be delivered the devices. Please make sure your Jira server can send out TCP packets to on port 2195 and that they aren’t blocked by your firewall.

For Android devices, the Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) service is used. Your Jira server needs to be able to make outbound calls on ports 5228, 5229, and 5230. GCM typically only uses 5228, but it sometimes uses 5229 and 5230. GCM doesn’t provide specific IPs.


Q: I’m not receiving any Push Notifications any longer. Have Push Notifications been deactivated for my account?

A: To continue to receive Push Notifications you will need to login with Mobility for Jira – Team at least once every five weeks otherwise your account will be inactivated. This is needed to detect de-installed apps and limit the number of messages that need to be sent from your server. Should your account be deactivated, simply log back in to your Jira system with Mobility for Jira – Team and you will start receiving Notifications again immediately.This is not the case for Jira Cloud, you will continue to receive push notifications.


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