Mobility for Jira

Bring the Flexibility of Jira and Jira Customer Portal to your Mobile Device

Mobility for Jira Service Desk App

Check the status of your Jira projects on your Mobile from anywhere

Are you often in meetings and wished you could quickly pull up details on specific Jira issues? Ever been in management reviews and needed to know how many enhancements are making the release? Then this app is for you! Receive important updates via Push Notifications. Have peace of mind that the right people get notified and that the update will not get lost in a sea of e-mails.

Push Notifications, Atlassian Jira Mobile Issue Editing, iPhone and iPad, iOS, Agile

Use Jira on a tablet during your Agile Stand-up meetings

Display Agile Boards and Burndown Charts on your iPad. Move issues through the workflow by simple drag-and-drop on your iPhone or iPad. Have your teams always be one tap away from all your Sprint information without having to carry around a laptop.

Atlassian Jira Agile on Mobile, all iOS devices are supported, planning board, workboard, burndown charts

Comment, edit, prioritize, create whenever something is on your mind

In a creative process thoughts often come to mind randomly. Act on them when they are still fresh in your mind independent of your location.

Atlassian Jira Mobile Issue Editing on iPhone and iPad

Mobility for Jira has enabled quicker feedback loops for teams all over the world. Whether it’s a senior manager approving a hire request, or account service team providing notes during a client meeting, or development teams using a tablet during a standup to manage their boards – there’s something in it for everyone.
Craig Castle-Mead, Global Platform Director, Young & Rubicam Group

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