Case Study


Young & Rubicam Group


Young & Rubicam Group is a marketing and communications company specializing in advertising, digital and social media, sales promotion, direct marketing and brand identity consulting. Young & Rubicam Group has many different uses of JIRA – from traditional Software Development and Service Desk use, to resource management, project planning, HR and legal workflows among many others. Having a single JIRA instance for 27,000 staff, from hundreds of offices and many business entities allows teams to work together and share knowledge when beneficial, but also work in isolation.


While Young & Rubicam Group’s global rollout of JIRA was on the rise and being well adopted, one question that arose every time when being shown to a new team of people was the mobile experience. With users constantly on the go, having easy access to notifications and being able to add and update tasks on the move is very important.


Young & Rubicam Group started by trialing JIRA Connect (the free version of “Mobility for JIRA”), then a few key users would migrate to the Professional version to unlock the full features for their own use and further testing. The next step was a trial of “Mobility for JIRA”, which took just a few clicks to get up and running. The team at MobilityStream then worked with us to rollout a custom branded version that defaults to our JIRA instance.


“Mobility for JIRA” has enabled quicker feedback loops for teams all over the world. Whether it’s a senior manager approving a hire request, or account service team providing notes during a client meeting, or development teams using a tablet during a standup to manage their boards – there’s something in it for everyone.

The team benefits most from instant notifications for updates sent to their mobile device, its ease of use, and the tight JIRA Service Desk integration.

The application has been very well developed and thought through, so it just works well. The biggest benefit for us has been the very open line of communication with the MobilityStream team and responsiveness on improvements or feature requests.