Google Sheets Integration for Jira

Provide Visibility

Google Sheets Integration for Jira provides visibility into development and IT projects tracked in Jira. Issues are automatically synchronized when edited in Jira, ensuring every record is up to date.

Google Sheets Integration for Jira

Collaborate across Teams

Collaboration and sharing between business and IT teams is no longer a manual process of exporting data to spreadsheets. Users can view, share, and edit a set of issues linked between Jira and Google Sheets. All data is updated in real-time so development and IT teams can see changes and immediately take action. No need to provide and train everybody on Jira.


You can share a filtered and automated list of Jira issues with other stakeholders that do not need access to Jira. You can control permissions directly when exporting and either provide open access, only let specific users, groups, or domain users access the Google Sheets. Google Sheets can be used as a Portal for Jira.