Product Comparison

JIRA Connect JIRA Connect Professional JIRA Connect Enterprise
Usage Occassional users
Read-only access
User with single device
Several external JIRA systems
Use of limited functionality
Multiple devices per user
Use of full functionality
Push Notifications
Reliance on mobile access
License free per device per server
Support none best effort 1-2 business days
Stability released first released first most stable
Requires Mobility for JIRA Add-On N N Y
View Y Y Y
Custom fields Y Y Y in proper order
Search Y Y Y
Comment Y Y Y
Create Y Y
Edit Y Y
Agile In-App-Purchase Y
Dashboards Y Y
JIRA Service Desk Queues and SLAs  Y Y
Push Notifications Y (JIRA Server/Cloud)
Marketplace app field support Insight, nFeed, Tempo
Mobile Device Management ready Y
Branding Y
iPhone and iPad Separate purchase Y
Android Separate purchase Y